Doggy - Radio TP

(PZL153-2: 708527190135/PZL153-3)
Release date: 3/15/2019
Genre: Indiepop

You may not know the name Doggy, but they've actually been around for about 20 years now! I first became aware of them thanks to the sorely-underrated "Pop International Style" compilation on March Records back in 1999, and followed them through their releases on Big Pink Cake, Little Treasure and Guillaume's own Anorak Records (one of my favorite French indiepop labels). Now, we are pleased to present their fourth album (and their first in several years), in conjunction with our new friends at Kocliko Records of Spain (meaning: we have more in store for you!). Musically, Doggy play perfect janglepop that echoes bands like the Servants and the Go-Betweens, as well as Felt at their poppiest; and while they may sing in their native tongue, I think you know by now that we at Jigsaw believe that music transcends all language barriers! Please join us in welcoming back this French pop treasure!

RIYL: Felt, the Go-Betweens, the Servants, Indiepop en franÁais

1. Tout Ce Qu'elle Est Devenue
2. Cheville Oeil Coeur
3. Pars Reviens Pars
4. Spud
5. O˘ Tu Vas
6. Les Agisseurs
7. Le Plus GÍnÈ Des Deux
8. Radio TP
9. Le Vendeur D'oies Du Limousin

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