Dislocation Dance - The Ruins of Manchester / Cromer

(LTM2570: 666017248523)
Release date: 5/8/2012

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LTM presents a brand new album by Dislocation Dance, cult indiepop pioneers from Manchester who recorded for the New Hormones and Rough Trade labels, and were favourites of the late John Peel.
Dislocation Dance formed in Manchester in late 1978, settling on a core line-up of Ian Runacres, Paul Emmerson, Kathryn Way, Dick Harrison and Andy Diagram. After making their live debut at the celebrated Factory Club, the band released a series of inventive, eclectic jazz-tinged pop records on New Hormones (the label founded by Buzzcocks), including albums Slip That Disc! and Music Music Music.
After touring the UK and North America with the likes of Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains, the band relocated to Rough Trade for their third long player, Midnight Shift, which featured the near-hits Show Me and Violette. Think Cardigans, think Belle and Sebastian. Sadly the original group split in 1984, with Runacres founding new band Brightside, and Andy Diagram joining chart-bound James.
Dislocation Dance reformed for a Japanese tour in 2000, and a new album, Cromer, in 2005. With Runacres now joined by bassist and writing partner Phil Lukes, the group have recorded a brand new album, The Ruins of Manchester, released here by LTM with the overlooked Cromer set included as a bonus disc.
‘Both albums call upon personal history,’ explains Ian Runacres. ‘Cromer evokes childhood summers on the Norfolk coast, while Ruins… reflects an affection for a pre-renaissance, pre-90s investment Manchester. Nevertheless both are trademark Dislocation Dance: melodic, bubbly and serene.’

Disc 1
1. Yes
2. Stop Breathing
3. Snakes & Ladders
4. August Sun
5. Night & Day
6. Between the Lines
7. Crash
8. The Ruins of Manchester
9. Never Be the Same
10. Hangfire
11. Mesmerised
12. Get On Home
13. Yes (Reprise)
Disc 2
1. Sanctuary On A Train
2. Cromer
3. What Can the Matter Be?
4. Broken In Two
5. Button Your Lip
6. Colour Story
7. DarknessFalls
8. I Went Home
9. Happy Walking
10. Long Way Down
11. Your Beautiful Friends
12. The Life & Soul
13. Short Honeymoon
14. All In Your Head/Headlong
Also available by Dislocation Dance on LTM:
Music Music Music/Slip That Disc!  (LTMCD 2461)
Midnight Shift + Singles  (LTMCD 2463)

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