D-Day & Normandy - D-Day & the Battle of Normandy June 1944, Vol 1.

(CD41-014: 5024545440829)
Release date: 1/12/2006

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2xCD audiobook. ISBN: 978-0-9554335-1-1 (13 digit), 0-9554335-1-7 (10 digit). CD41 is proud to present a new audiobook double CD featuring more than two hours of archive British WW2 broadcast recordings covering the D-Day landings and Battle of Normandy in June 1944. “D-Day & the Battle of Normandy (Vol 1)” consists of 2 full length audio CDs with a total playing time of 2 hours 30 minutes. The carefully restored recordings (all made in June 1944) include despatches by war correspondents, actuality recordings made on the beaches and battlefields, and personal accounts by British service personnel. These range from battle recordings from Ouistreham, Tilly and Cheaux, broadcasts by Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery , and Winston Churchill, and personal accounts by the winner of the sole Victoria Cross awarded on D-Day, a Typhoon ground-attack pilot and paratrooper of the 6th Airborne Division. Sequenced in chronological order, the recordings (and explanatory notes in the CD booklet) add up to a detailed account of the first month of the Second Front, including: preparations for Overlord; the airborne and beach assaults on 6 June; French Resistance operations; reinforcement; MTB sweeps; fighter operations from advanced landing grounds; Operation Epsom; the advance on Caen and several rare German propaganda broadcasts intended to deter invasion troops. These historic recordings, many of which have not been heard since 1944, are presented in an attractive deluxe package featuring detailed historical notes and relevant images. This audiobook is a must for all with an interest in military and social history, and is also ideal for museum and educational use. A proportion of the proceeds of sale will be donated to the Royal British Legion. Also available from CD41: British War Broadcasting 1938-45 (CD41-004), RAF Bomber Command at War 1939-45 (CD41-013).

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