David Cordero & dot tape dot - Seep

(PLOP021: 4560267291215)
Release date: 6/14/2019
Genre: Ambient, Electronic

1. Trickle 2. Percolate 3. Doom Glissade 4. Pelo 5. Skip 6. Noviales 7. Donut Lilo 8. María

Seep was composed between 2016 and 2017 by musicians Daniel Romero (aka dot tape dot) and Daivd Cordero from Spain. Daniel sent about 100 loops (a mix of generative melodies with computer drones) with the dot tape dot aesthetics. Then David recomposed these loops with total freedom, and added his unique atmospheric and deep sounds. Their idea was to create something minimal but full of layers, something clear but plenty of blurred details, something really organic and diffused but deeply mathematical which is a combination of their different views towards “ambient music”. The album is called "seep" as sounds, layers and techniques are constantly "seeping" against each other , creating beautiful crystaline melodies and drones.


dot tape dot is a solo project by Daniel Romero from northern Spain. He has been making electronic music for decades. In 2005, he has released the album “Paintings” (sp.RK, Nature Bliss) which became a big hit in Japan. Actually David Cordero participates in this album. In 2014, Daniel has released a collaboration album”Patterns” (Acuarela, PLOP) with female singer Aroah. David Cordero has been active from the 1990’s with his band Ursula, and the funny thing is that Daniel was a “ghost member” of Ursula. He has recently released a beautiful ambient solo album on Home Normal.

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