Cycles of Moebius - RGBW

Carpe Sonum
(COL017: 708527175323)
Release date: 06/09/2017
Genre: Electronic

Belgian label Colours is a collective of ambient electronic artists running a small, virtual enclave for like-minded practitioners of fine sonic art. Cycles of Moebius obviously embrace a pretty committed and focused work ethic; their debut, a massive four CDR work called RGBW, plays like a compendium of electronic music’s rich heritage from the 70s onwards. CoM comprise a duo of enterprising synth boffins who not only lovingly embrace the potent tempos beloved of so many classic ambient purveyors, but do so without the slightest bit of pretension or irony; electronic music, plain and simple, indulging in styles past minus categorical baggage, erected with clean hands and composure.

Encompassing individual tracks, mini-suites, and suites, often blending tracks together into a unified whole, RGBW has it all in one massive package: post-Namlook ambient, widescreen cinematic atmospherics, Berlin School-inflected sequencer riffing, nostalgic 90s beatstuff, and just about every sub-genre you can pack in-between. Throughout the journey, many delights await, such as the various “Cycle” tracks, both in their numbered and ‘re’-cycled forms, spin colorful threads of analog and digital gossamer into tapestries of engaging rhythmic patterns and deep-space calisthenics. Nearly four hours of music herein, and not a duff note in the bunch. 

Track listing:

The Art of…
Recycle 1
Recycle 2
Recycle 3
No Dance Cycle
Recycle 4
Recycle 5
All Together
Recycle 6
Dream Cycle
Recycle 7
Minimal Cycle
Happy Cycle
Recycle 8
Closing Cycle
Recycle 9
Atmospheric Cycle
Recycle 10
Cycle Twin
Recycle 11
Recyble 11
Recycle Bin
Recycle 12
Happy Cycle Time
Ice Crystals
Recycle 13
Soft Cycle
Recycle 14
Upper Case
Recycle 15
Lower Case
Recycle 16
Melodic Cycle
Recycle 17
Low Profile
Recycle 18
Slow Down
Recycle xxx
Recycle 19
Recycle 20
Cut the Cycle
Recycle 21
Trembling and Shaking
Recycle 22
Space Cycle
Recycle 23
Dance the Cycle
Recycle 24
Make Me Almost Happy
Recycle 25
Cycles of Gaia
Recycle 26
Formerly Lost Cycles
Recycle 27
Mad Cycle
Recycle 28
Creep Cycle
Recycle 29
Rising High
Recycle 30
Short Cycle
Special Cycle
Recycle 31
Marching Cycle
Recycle 32
Broken Cycle
Recycle 33
Cycle Drowning
Recycle 34
Beating Cycle
Recycle 35
Avut Funk
Revisiting the Cycle
Recycle 36
Final Cycle
Recycle 37

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