Cult With No Name - Heir of the Dog

CWNN Music
(CWNN008: 706502215149/CUNN008-3)
Release date: 09/18/2017
Genre: Electro-acoustic, Avant-pop

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Cult With No Name's 8th album follows their enormously successful soundtrack to the film ‘Blue Velvet Revisited’ with Tuxedomoon and John Foxx. 

With ‘Heir of the Dog’, we see CWNN build even further on their reputation for totally distinctive, off beat electro-acoustic-avant-pop. Whilst ‘Wasted’ comes closest to anything resembling that, other tracks eat up and spit out genres as random and clearly fabricated as Coheneque Gospel (‘Of California’), Moot-Mutant Disco (‘Rosabelle, Believe’) and Cubano-Gypsy (‘Fingertips’). 

CWNN’s palette is typically enhanced with a range of guests. Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger and Luc van Lieshout (3/4s of Tuxedomoon) all add their magic. Ex-Sneaker Pimp and trip hop legend Kelli Ali is a ghostly presence throughout, punctuated by American vocalist Sirena Riley. The album ends with one of their most atmospheric piano pieces, the previously unreleased ‘No News’, which closes the ‘Blue Velvet Revisited’ film in serious style. 

“…evocative, dreamy, dark and dynamic…” - The Wire (UK)

Comes packaged in a deluxe fold out box, with poster, download code and build your own jewel case kit.

1. Heir of the Dog
2. Wasted
3. I Don’t Fear the Reaper (Just Don’t Want to Meet Her)
4. Rosabelle, Believe
5. Man in a Bag
6. Fingertips
7. When I Was a Girl
8. Yves Klein’s Blues
9. Winsome Lose Some
10. Just Rewards
11. Of California
12. All I Have is Yours (Including You)
13. No News

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