Craig Salt Peters - Songs For Hungry Ghosts

(PZL053: 708527001851)
Release date: 04/01/2014
Genre: Indiepop

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I'm a little biased here, as Craig and his bandmates are good friends of mine, but I promise that even if I didn't know them personally, I would still be thrilled with this album. This is the kind of upbeat and positive indie rock that I fall for every time, sounding like Good Luck or Pants Yell! covering Ted Leo classics, replete with highly intelligent songwriting and very proficient playing. Seriously, this is a jaw-dropper of a record (and you should see the band play live!) that I'm very happy to present to the world, in conjunction with our pals at Lost Sound Tapes.

RIYL: Pants Yell!, Ted Leo, Good Luck, intelligent and proficient indie rock.

1. The Pick Up, 2. Seeing You, 3. Daydreaming, 4. Write You A Story, 5. Where Demons Dare, 6. Full Moon Constitutional, 7. Going Places, 8. I Don't Wanna Miss You, 9. Day In Pensacola, 10. The Year We Lived In Liberty, 11. Old Bug Bear, 12. Spectacles, 13. Let It Shine, 14. Patience

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