Cozy Slippers - Postcards

(PZL142: 708527180327/PZL142-3)
Release date: 04/20/2018
Genre: Indiepop

Cozy Slippers is a Seattle trio with dual-lead female vocals and a warm veneer of nostalgia. Following their self-released debut EP from 2017, Jigsaw is happy to present their second EP, "Postcards", which is another five slices of pure indiepop in the style of Cub, Heavenly and the Icicles. Jangly guitars abound on these songs, but you'll also find hints of keyboards that help flesh out the sound. And memorable melodies? Oh yeah - lots of those, too! Just try and get the chorus of "Back And Forth" out of your head after one listen... Expect big things from this new band!

RIYL: Cub, Heavenly, the Icicles, pure female-fronted indiepop

01 - Not Hard To Say Goodbye
02 - En Francais
03 - Cozy Love Song
04 - Back And Forth
05 - You Started This

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