Corazon - Nuevo Futuro

(ELE1136: 8428846211367)
Release date: 3/30/2009

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Their second album demonstrates a solid maturity. “Nuevo Futuro” shines with the fantastic production of Ibon Errazkin, who is responsible for other classic albums on the Elefant label like NOSOTRÄSH’s “Popemas”, Carlos Berlanga’s “Impermeable”, ANA D’s “Satelite 99” or the albums of SINGLE and LE MANS. Additionally, there are stellar collaborations from Teresa Iturrioz (SINGLE) and Malela Durán (NOSOTRÄSH, GRANDE-MARLASKA) on the choruses, or Rafael Guillermo of POP TOPS on the piano. Errazkin achieves a jeweled masterpiece with varied and distinct sounds and original textures, looking for spaces to make the songs special with details and extraordinary arrangements. But the best thing about the album are the twelve superb songs. The compositions are outside the limits of any one style, they are full of elegance and good taste – delicious pop with charming harmonies that could sound like standard light music with someone else’s voice. It’s all feeling, with beautiful and sincere lyrics. CORAZÓN dares to make classic melodic pop, bolero-pop and sentimental melodrama; they reinvent the artistic spirit of VAINICA DOBLE with their own originality and baroque arrangements and give us radiant soul-pop hymns worthy of LA CASA AZUL. It’s an album that will go down in history as one of the great classics of Elefant records.

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