Corazon - Melodrama

(ELE1118: 8428846211183)
Release date: 11/16/2005

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CORAZON is Carlos (vocals) and Nando (vocals, guitar and electronic beats), a romantic pop couple that, before they even had a record out, had already a ton of faithful fans. After the fuss caused by their arrival into the Spanish independent scene, at least we can introduce you to "Melodrama", the debut album by CORAZON, which shows a surprisingly mature sound for such young artists, and plenty references which make you think of an immaculate good taste: VAINICA DOBLE, SOLERA or José y Manuel, if we talk about Spanish music; Françoise Hardy, Lady and Bird, KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, Simon & Garfunkel or Nilsson, on the international side. Eleven songs that have been eagerly waited for by many of us, among which we find their early hits in the Spanish indie scene as their hymn “No quiero cambiar”. Recorded in Valencia with top producer Dani Cardona, the album shows the support and help of many of the best Spanish pop acts, such as SERPENTINA, PARADE, LA CASA AZUL, LOS MAGNETICOS, Sir Edward, etc... The first seconds of the album start with the sound of a transistor radio looking for a station; of course, it stops when it finds "Radio Corazón (102.5 FM)". By the time the moog solo arrives, you are aware that the record has started with its first wonderful tune. How we wish many other radio stations elsewhere had this wonderful taste!

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