Cooper - Retrovisor

(ELE1116: 8428846211169)
Release date: 11/10/2004

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Finally, in November 2004 "Retrovisor" is released, a road stop to review COOPER's trajectory during the last months, before getting back in the lane which is providing Spanish pop fans with so many good times. "Retrovisor" is a new COOPER album, although the band has only recorded three new songs; in short sessions, always stuck to their compromise with immediacy and spontaneity. They have been reunited in an album with other songs that have been appearing during 2003 and 2004 in different formats. Twelve songs to be a past viewfinder. Small restorative pills of an immediate effect, along with their characteristic riffs and melodies, such as the three brand new songs, previously unreleased: "Munich", "Rabia" (THE BEATLES leaked through the most speedy new wave) and "A Oscuras" (nostalgic and intimate); most songs (some of them remixed) from their two previous singles, "747" and "Oxidado", already out of stock and this way available for their large audience; and a variety of rarities: "Cierra los ojos" (a gift with the 2003 tour ticket and previously unsold), the cheerful "Sin respiración" (previously included in the "Modapop" compilation) and a cover of LOS FLECHAZOS' classic "Quiero regresar", which appeared on the cd gifted with the Kitchenette fanzine, besides being released in a split-single with German band THE CHEEKS. This album includes the video clips of the songs "747", "Cerca del sol" and "Cierra los ojos" and also Pictures of the band and some info.

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