Cooper - Arizona

(ELE312: 8428846403120)
Release date: 11/12/2012

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Limited to 500. Comes with a code for a free download.

After “Cortometraje”, the last single taken from that marvelous and personal album, “Mi Universo”, Álex Diez is releasing a new 500-copy-limited-edition vinyl single. This time the featured song is “Arizona”, one of the more agile and energetic songs of the aforementioned album, where you can hear those delicious, brilliant sounds they were able to get out of their recording sessions in the Konk Studios in London – those very same studios founded in the early 70s by Dave and Ray Davies (THE KINKS) where groups and artists like BLUR, Elvis Costello, THE ARCTIC MONKEYS, SUEDE and SPIRITUALIZED have recorded.  This single is backed by a delicious B-side: a cover of “Tú Me Dijiste Adiós”, originally by LOS BRINCOS, which COOPER takes into their own territory with ease, maintaining the sweetness and melodic skill of the renowned Spanish group from the sixties, but propelling it with a light dose of electric vitamins.

Álex Diez is keeping up his frenetic activity as a mod-pop scene activist: concerts, DJ sessions around Europe (recently we spread the word about his session in Le Mans), new projects we’ll soon be telling you about, and in the midst of all this, he gives us another marvelous release which will definitely satisfy his fans.

TRACKLIST: 01. Arizona 02. Tú Me Dijiste Adiós

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