Cooper - Aeropuerto

(ELE1143: 8428846211435)
Release date: 3/23/2009

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After three new singles (two sold out their printing instantly, after remaining at the top of the sales lists for several weeks) and five more years, Alejandro Díez’s third album as the front man of COOPER arrives. These new full-length dates with the group are going to become those necessary moments of reflection and inflection in a career that is propelled forward by songs like rockets headed out of this stratosphere. Songs cooked on a slow flame, far from the rules of the industry but close to the passions of the public that is so loyal and inspirational to a pop genius, after over 20 years playing our stages, back then as the front man of LOS FLECHAZOS. This compilation of songs, now that they’re all together, and with the added bonus of indispensable new songs (“Hyde Park” is amazing, maybe the most direct and uncontestable hit Alejandro has written since COOPER began, “Lisboa” is a delicious psychedelic rara avis within the artist’s discography, “El Sueño” is a marvelous version of an early NACHA POP and “La Edad de La Inocencia” is a new cinephile reference, this time to the Martin Scorsese film, set to a power-pop rhythm) offers the vision of an artist who celebrates compositional maturity, with a sound close to the classics (THE BYRDS, THE HOLLIES, THE ZOMBIES…) as well as to contemporaries (TEENAGE FAN CLUB, VELVET CRUSH, WEEZER…) and who sees his musical career more than ever as a journey, with thousands of marvelous moments still to come, like “El Círculo Polar”, “Canción de Viernes” or “Un Dia de Furia”, to name a few, have been recently. And the only thing that’s certain, as Alex himself explains in the album-liner notes, is that there are still many ports to visit, many places to discover, many spaces to inhabit. And if these are the songs that promise to accompany us in our journey, we can do nothing but spread our wings and go with him to the pop paradises.

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