Color Filter - Remix

(DRL095-2: 708527009529/DRL095-1: 708527009512)
Release date: 10/19/1999
Genre: Electronic, Indie Pop

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Color Filter is an electronic pop cooperative from Tokyo headed by sound designer Ryuji Tsuneyoshi. Color Filter enjoys a loyal following in Japan, Europe and the US. Previous releases include an appearance on a Cowly Owl (France) compilation, a Blackbean 12" (sold out), and a full length LP/CD Sleep in a Synchrotron on Fuzzy Box. On this new record, Ryuji enlists four international music friends and four fellow Darla artists to Remix!

Ryuji has a uniquely keen pop sense. He also has a masters degree in Nuclear Engineering. He works as a nuclear physicist and has been given Japan's internal equivalent of a nobel peace prize for research on clean energy development. He also makes a few yen on the side writing music for TV commercials! Listening to his endeavors as Color Filter is equally impressive. Ryuji says he was influenced deeply by UK post-punk. He used to play guitar in a band, but started Color Filter in 1996 with an AKAI sampler and Macintosh software. He says, "I discovered Macintosh at a laboratory of my university and understood a possibility of it. I can make music without another members!" He sent a demo to a few labels and Mike Blackbean gave him the opportunity to put out a 12 inch. Lucky Mike! (That long ago sold out 12" EP will be re-issued next year on CD by the way.)

On Color Filter's first full length release LP/CD Sleep In A Synchrotron (Fuzzy Box), Ryuji enlisted vocalists Aki and Maki of INCENSE and Aiko of LUCY VAN PELT. 600 LPs sold out long ago. The CD is in its third pressing. Last summer, ESPN licensed the obvious single from the album, "Children of Summer" to use as the theme music in all X-Game promos.

Of recent musical interest to Ryuji are Bristol, UK Dub-bient (dub + ambient) bands. He has a continued interest in electronic pop as well, and has collaborated on tracks with SUGAR PLANT, LUCY VAN PELT and other Japanese vocalists and remixers. Ryuji's our man in Japan.

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