Chain - Chain

(PZL169-2: 708527190708/DRL169-3)

Release date: November 29, 2019

This record almost literally came from nowhere! That is to say, my buddy, Jeremy, told me his band would be recording "soon" some months back, and then offhandedly mentioned a few days ago that they were done with it and going to just release it digitally on the day of their final show in two weeks. And with that bombshell, you could practically hear the sound of brakes squealing in my head! A little back-story: Chain is the project of a couple friends of mine, the very talented Teal and Jeremy (both of whom are also in Loose, AKA my very favorite Portland band of late), and their pal, Cassie, who happens to be moving shortly, thereby splitting up the band. They haven't yet released anything, so they recently recorded this batch of songs to mark the conclusion of their career. Being the fan and friend that I am, I pretty much insisted that they let me release this to share their lovely songs with a slightly wider audience. What does it sound like? Well, it's a very short album (only about 14 minutes long, so feel free to hit repeat a couple times!) that reminds me a lot of the gentle female-fronted indiepop made by current artists such as Frankie Cosmos, Snail Mail, Lomelda and Soccer Mommy (though Jeremy sings lead sometimes, for a nice change of pace). The songs are sophisticated-sounding, but also uncomplicated at the same time; simple and beautiful pop tunes, the way they're supposed to be!

RIYL: Frankie Cosmos, Lomelda, Snail Mail, uncomplicated yet sophisticated indiepop

01 - Sailor Song
02 - Tiny
03 - February
04 - Williams
05 - Movie
06 - Cassie's Chain
07 - Pinecone
08 - Naked Hour
09 - Colder

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