Capitan Sunrise - El Chico Mas Guapo De La Galaxia

(ELE302: 8428846403021)
Release date:
Genre: Indie Pop

Red Colour Vinyl. Includes a free digital MP3 download [320 kbps]. LIMITED EDITION 500 COPIES.

CAPITÁN SUNRISE takes its first steps in 2009 but its line-up isn’t formalized until 2010, with Santi, Miguel, Noelia, Alberto (also in UTLRANOL), Coral, Javi (both in BAND À PART) and Guille. They were quickly able to make a small entourage of fans for themselves, coming in third in the Festival Contempopránea contest “Grupo Revelación Nacional 2010” (Best New National Group 2010). Like the imagined superhero their name evokes, the songs of this now-Madrid-based band, with some changes in the line-up, are an antidote to pessimism, a push into the warm lights of great melodies and unforgettable voices. This is why we can’t let this opportunity to introduce them through the latest edition of New Adventures in Pop pass.

“El Chico Más Guapo De La Galaxia” is, starting now, an object of affection for fans of the most melodic and elegant pop, that gives off airs of COLA JET SET, AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, LA BUENA VIDA, NIZA and CLUB 8. The single’s title track is a shot of light and vitality, with touches of surf and openly sixties airs, that remind us vaguely of the rich harmonies of THE HOLLIES, the effectiveness and the melodic sense of JAN & DEAN, the freshness of BMX BANDITS. “La Montaña Rusa”, the first song by CAPITÁN SUNRISE to play on the radio and the first song they recorded as a group, is an homage to pop music, full of echoes of the sixties and indie-pop guitars with references to books and albums and a melancholic air full of sweetness. “La Merienda” was the theme-song for Agustín Fuentes’ radio program (the director of the Festival Contempopránea), with its choruses somewhere between doo-wop and ye-ye, as if Augusto Algueró had left the soundtrack for the remake of “Grease” for posterity. It has an unforgettable chorus, hummable like nothing else, appealing to its core. Finally, “El Otoño”, a song that talks about a person who needs to leave to travel the world to try to get his life back on track, gets back to that sweet sadness that bands like NOSOTRÄSH and SERPENTINA have used with such mastery. It has the melodic elegance of Dusty Springfield and the arrangements of SHE & HIM, while playing with the vocals like a candid BEACH BOYS. It closes a delicious, perfect single that doesn’t have one single second of excess on it, not one excess arrangement, not even an extra lalala.

They are undoubtedly called upon to become one of the key names in the Spanish pop scene in 2012. We are already so excited for a new dose of this light therapy called CAPITÁN SUNRISE.

TRACKLIST: 01. El Chico Más Guapo De La Galaxia 02. La Montaña Rusa 03. La Merienda 04. El Otoño

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