bvdub - Don't Say You Know

(DRL253-3: 708527025321)
Release date: 03/20/2012
Genre: Ambient, Techno

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Don’t Say You Know is possibly the most down-to-earth bvdub album to date… combining field recordings from his daily life with some of his most organic soundscapes, it is a story of freedom and liberation, told through everything from beatless ambient, to beats and breaks. All we can do in this life is walk our own road… no matter how many people tell us which one we should be walking instead. This is the story of that road… and the beauty that comes from knowing that no matter what happens in life, and how many people tell us how to live it, it is ours to walk – and ours to live. No one knows who you are but you.

"Don't Say You Know, commissioned as a limited edition bonus disc, may actually be bvdub's best album yet." --Mr. Darla

1. So Far From Home (For JR)
2. All It Takes
3. My Sun Shines Through Your Rain
4. Pure of Heart
5. Made It Here Without You
6. Don't Say You Know

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