Buscemi - Mistral du Sud

Les Disques du Crepuscule
(TWI1250: 708527210116)

Release date: 6/18/2021.

Crepuscule presents Mistral du Sud, the 9
th artist album by acclaimed Belgian DJ, producer and remixer Buscemi, whose eclectic dance music stylings embrace a mix of lounge, jazz, house, bossa, electro and latino grooves.

Since 2001 Buscemi (real name Dirk Swartenbroekx) has released eight solo long players as well as mix albums for Blue Note and Ministry of Sound, film and television soundtracks, and three collaborations with the Michel Bisceglia Ensemble. Remix clients have included Melody Gardot, Isabelle Antena, Calexico, Hooverphonic and Nicola Conte.

Seaside, his 2003 collaboration with Isabelle Antena from signature album Camino Real, remains a perennial favourite around the globe, and paved the way for his first Crepuscule album Luna Misteriosa (TWI 1238) in 2018.

Like Luna Misteriosa, the new album is co-created with Henrique Marques and features lead single La Jungle (TWI 1248), featuring vocalist Lauve. “Most of these songs were recorded during the COVID pandemic,” explains Dirk. “The creative process gave me inspiration and strength during these strange times. Taize Oliviera (aka Tai) sings on a couple of tracks. She’s a Brazilian singer-songwriter based in Barcelona who mixes soul, urban and Latin rhythms. But also I collaborated with Steve Ignorant on Who d’You Think You’re Talking To?, because I always loved punk and new wave music, and will remain a Crass adept forever!”

1. Not Gonna Make It (feat. Keith Canvas)
2. Lua Bonita (feat. Tai)
3. La Jungle (feat. Lauve)
4. Who’s Gonna Save Me? (feat. TLP)
5. Taxi Driver (feat. Yves Gaillard and Steve Kashala)
6. O Verao Chegou (feat. Jokomo)
7. Who d’You Think You’re Talking To? (feat. Steve Ignorant)
8. I Met the Devil (feat. Claudia Radulescu and Salvo)
9. La Bella Rosa (feat. Luigi Catalano)
10. Labios de Mel (feat. Tai)
11. Heartbreaker (feat. Wilma Jane)
12. Mistral Du Sud

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