broaddaylight - anniversaries:reunions

Saint Marie
(SMR025: 845121056501)
Release date: 04/02/2013
Genre: Dreampop

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1. Arpeggio 2. Anniversaries 3. Reunions 4. Interlude 5. Melisandre 6. Oceans 7. Warmth

broaddaylight follows up their first two self-released EP's The Bell Jar (2005) and Stars Out (2010) with Anniversaries:Reunions, mastered by Robin Guthrie.

The record easily puts you in a dreamlike state but can suddenly awaken you with the harsh realities of life in our modern world. The walls of sound layered upon Sarah Eakins haunting vocals make for a harmonious, perfect storm.

The band decided to have a reunion during the end of 2011 start of 2012, spending half the time in the studio, and half the time visiting with friends Robin Guthrie (who mastered this record), Eddie Perez (who recorded bass on two tracks) and Matthew Johnson who added additional guitar on “Warmth”.

While others popped in and out to visit, the band continued work and finished main recording. At the end of January they received a call from Saint Marie Records inviting them to come on board and join the label’s roster. Bennett returned to Texas to finish work on his solo album while Sarah continued writing and recording with James who completed drums, the final mix and then handed it off to Guthrie to master. The end result of all this is anniversaries:reunions.

Discussing the album, the band had this to say about the two title songs. "We wanted to capture the fun, beauty and sometimes sorrow that comes with both events. Being around such old friends and reconnecting definitely influenced this album to a very strong degree. Seeing where we all had come to, and how much everything had changed since the last time the four of us were in the same room together was an experience all in itself. We couldn't help but think of how so many others had come and gone in our lives but here we were, picking up like no one had left at all."

Those songs as well as "arpeggio", "warmth", "oceans" and the epic "melisandre" show the band have again decided not stay in their comfort zone, instead they continue moving forward, experimenting and perfecting what is it they all say they came together to do in the first place, to create a new vertical colored wall of sound.

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