Bobby Birdman - Victory At Sea

Fryk Beat
(fryk02: )

A1. Victory At Sea 
A2. I’m Not You (Lucky Dragons Remix) 
B1. Victory At Sea (E*Rock Remix)
B2. I Will Come Again (YACHT Remix)

Bobby Birdman crüns like no one's business, but what makes his songs great is the way he breaks pop tradition while still making pop music in a completely infectious and charismatic way. For his Fryk Beat debut Rob Kieswetter, the propulsion behind the name, takes a more bombastic approach with some big cagey beats laid down with a huge drop bass with attention paid to space for the heartfelt vocal melodies to float over. Then we went ahead and rounded up remixes from his greatest friends and collaborators.

Black vinyl in embossed disco sleeve. Edition of 500.

"There is an off-base sophisto underpinning to the sound, as though Bobby were an ethnomusicolo- gist reconstructing American Noise Pop for some sort of scientific journal. And his effort to do so is very cool." -The Wire

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