Blood of Heroes - Remain

Ohm Resistance
(OHM19: 708527171929)
Release date: 12/14/2010
Genre: Rock, Electronic

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With the amount of diverse producers involved in The Blood of Heroes, it was virtually assured that the members would end up remixing their own work, and inviting their friends to contribute. A collection of remixes from their self titled album, Remain features both organic band and electronic versions of the title track, including Justin K Broadrick's vocal version. Dälek, Submerged, Black Roc producer Joel Hamilton, Bill Laswell, and Vancouver, BC acts Kuma and Gunshae turn in disparate versions that re-explore the apocalyptic world envisioned in the first album. Reducing hardcore drum n bass to ambience, restructuring a track so that drummers KJ Sawka (also of Pendulum) and Balazs Pandi go head to head in a breakcore battle, and turning a Laswell bass line into an organ-rupturing sub are just some of the ways the tracks are reinvented. Creative and thoughtful, Remain is an essential companion album to the self-titled debut.

1. Descend Destroy (Joel Hamilton + Submerged Remix)
2. Remain (Enduser Remix)
3. Chains (Dälek Remix)
4. Remain (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
5. Salute to the Jugger (Laswell Original Mix)
6. Wounds Against Wounds (Kuma Remix)
7. Remain (The Blood of Heroes Version)
8. Transcendent (Gator Bait Ten Remix)
9. Wounds Against Wounds (Gunshae Remix)

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