Blood Group, The - Everything Forgotten Gathers At The Ceiling

Le Grand Magistery
(HRH023: 616656002321)

THE BLOOD GROUP is comprised of ex-actress Jessica B, James Toth, Jarvis Tavvs and Josh Taht, along with various friends and sympathizers. EVERYTHING FORGOTTEN GATHERS AT THE CEILING, originally intended to be an audio tribute to studio life, is their first EP, and fuses dark pop with electronics to create a seamless tapestry of drug-addled delight. Teenage kicks all through the night. And so forth. The tracks are: 1. Odin: Originally part of a four-part tribute to Blue Moon (yes, that Blue Moon) and titled "You Saw Me Standing Alone"; Odin has remained a favorite of most who have heard the record. Remixed twice, recorded in Brooklyn with Mark Ospovat. The second song worked on by the band as a whole in the studio, and the only early track to survive our fierce editing tendencies. 2. Tout Le Temps: Translates to "All The Time", this version is the end result of a great deal of studio laboring. Tout le Temps holds the record for most time spent recording a single instrument on a track, as the vibes were recorded over no less that five days. 3. Capsule Capsule: The first of three interludes programmed by NASA. NASA came to the studio to work on "Basket Of Light", but the rest of the group were so impressed by the new stuff NASA was working on in the interim, they insisted he play a bigger role. 4. Holes in the Sun: The second of two recorded by band member Jarvis Tavvs, "Holes In The Sun" was written entirely on a Casio! 5. The Antivert: Named after the drug of the same name that treats vertigo, "The Antivert" is the second of three interludes, and most likely the seven-hundreth reference to illicit chemicals on the record thus far. 6. Left Of The Moment: Perhaps the least stressful track to record, the percussion is actually a click track that made it to the final mix once scheduled percussionist Tim Barnes was called away from the country to work on a film. The subject of many warped remixes by Mark Ospovat. 7. Light II: If there is a 'controversial' song among the members of the band, this is the one. An entire, more grandiose version (titled "Basket Of Light" a reference to folk group The Pentangle) was recorded and mixed with Mark in Brooklyn, only to be unceremoniously scrapped. The band was divided and many lamented the loss of what many felt was the most 'powerful' track. The inclusion of this track being decided mere days before the master went out to the label, the re-recorded (and thus re-named) "Light II" was the last track to be recorded, and the only one recorded by collaborator DM Seidel. 8. Lovelife: The ep closes with a tribute to love. A total of $18.15 was spent by idle band members during several trips to the vending machine waiting for mixing to wrap up. Perhaps Peanut M&M's will use it in their ad campaign!

1 Odin
2 Tout Le Temps
3 Capsule Capsule
4 Holes In The Sun
5 The Antivert
6 Left Of The Moment
7 Light II
8 Lovelife

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