Beaumont - Discotheque a la Carte

(siesta095: 8430217010950)

1. Discotheque A La Carte
2. The Look Of Love
3. In Conversation With
4. Discotheque A La Carte (Le Salon Mix)

Encouraged by the phenomenal response of “This is…” Beaumont have a deserved place in the pantheon of significant international pop bands. The comeback or revenge of Beaumont -after the praised debut album that was described in America as the most sophisticated and stylish pop you’ll ever hear- is an exercise in many directions. A 4 track CD (and 10” vinyl) of unreleased gems: a disco dancefloor hit, a sophisticated cover of Bacharach’s “Look of love”, an hilarious sketch performance and a cosmic remix of the title song. Loyal devotees of the songs of Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart -whose illustrious career in Blueboy, and Arabesque is still remembered- will not be disappointed. However, it’s time to conquer a New World. Dear pop aficionados, this is the most refreshing record of the year. It will even heal your sunburns. The adrenaline pumps as soon as you listen to the vintage Italian mellow brushes of the opener, Discotheque a la carte. Instantly you get into a sophisticated dance and pop atmosphere filled with glitter ball nostalgia and sultry dual vocals (male-female). The sound palette will make you think about colourful romanticism, Summer casinos nostalgia, seaside strolls at night, disco golden times in the seventies and eighties, St Etienne & New Order, denim, love crushes, song divas, dreams of a teenager in search of passion, Johnny Marr, Studio 54, sea-breeze, Morricone, Gainsbourg... More importantly this song invites repeated listening. The second track brings you a sublime momentum. Beaumont had to cover Burt Bacharach at its best. It was just a question of time, budget and above all, fate. This is a lush and artful version of “The look of love” maybe one of the best songs ever created. Yes, the eternal sounds of yesteryear with rich piano, filmic guitars and the best female lyrics in many years. The quintessence of cosmopolitan smoothness is exposed, I would say. Like a fine wine Beaumont improve with age. Check their British humour and eccentricity in the third track. Hilarious. Finally, the fourth track is an ethereal remix of Discotheque, with sultry synths and hotter grooves to dance all night long. Beaumont confirm what a great band they are. Soon they will be recording their second album. In the meantime we couldn’t be happier with this release.

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