Beatnik Filmstars - In Great Shape

(555CD71: 708527167120)
Release date: 01/26/2013
Genre: Indie Pop, Rock

After a gap of seven years (their last CD on Merge), UK indie-popart noisesters BEATNIK FILMSTARS are back with an exciting new 23 track album In Great Shape. Between 1990 and 1998 the Beatinks embraced the DIY ethic to the maximum, racking up an impressive back catalogue of releases and tours, as well as 5 highly acclaimed sessions for John Peel. The Beatniks have at times been overlooked and unfairly judged as ‘the English Guided By Voices’, due to their embraced Lo-Fi/home recording techniques. It must be pointed out however whereas GBV were a rock band, the Beatniks Filmstars are most assuredly a POP band. And there is a difference. In front man Andrew Jarrett the Beatniks have a bonafide unsung hero with an enviable songwriting caliber. Very British in approach, overloaded with pop hooks, melody, noise, and pure feverish creativity, Andrew Jarrett is unafraid to redefine his band with each release. A new kind of Lo-Fi that’s pleasing on the ear! During the seven year gap, the Beatniks have been far from lazy, all working on various other projects in their native Bristol (UK). This has reaped much benefit to the band, whose new release is as refreshing in its vigor and direction as the classic mid-90s Beatniks. 2006 will see the band take to the road in the UK.

"Neither The Fall or Pavement have sounded this alive in half a decade!" --Chicago Tribune.

"Bar room socialist is hazy, dreamy and lovely in a Ray Davies way…" --New York Press.

"What’s most enjoyable about B.F. is that they’re unpredictable in all ways but one: they consistently turn in excellent work, and reveal a startling amount of creativity with each subsequent release." --CMJ

1. Really Quite Bizarre, 2. (Play That) Wonky Music (White Boy), 3. Milkshake (Featuring The E Numbers), 4. Supremer Queener, 5. Sha La La La La La La (No Rok), 6. It's Not What You Know, 7. Amazing Sense Of Style, 8. Cut 'Em Up (Stitch 'Em Up), 9. ...And Here's One I Made Earlier, 10. Do You Know Who I Am?, 11. The Radness Of King Anders, 12. Ocean Breeze, 13. Seven Years, 14. Hipshakers And Acrobats, 15. I Thought I Was Shot At In A Drive By Shooting, 16. I Eat Healthy Food, 17. Cracked Your Code, Mate, 18. Go Home! This Life Is Killing You, 19. When You're Dead, 20. The Greatest Of Minds, 21. Sub D-D-D-D-D-Disco, 22. Just For One Day, 23. World-Wide Fashion Crisis 1998.

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