Beanpole - Random Musings Vol. 1

(PZL068: 708527003572)
Release date: 12/1/2014
Genre: indiepop

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Last year, we were excited to present to you a compilation of recordings from Beanpole; this year, we're simply thrilled to give you a batch of NEW recordings from Verna (with help from some friends). No longer using her four-track (which she doesn't even have anymore!), these songs naturally have a much-improved sound quality, yet they still sound like songs she would've written twenty years ago. Vocals, guitars, strings and even flutes are layered upon each other (amidst drums, bass and keyboard) to make for a wonderful and harmonious sound. These five songs only prove that Verna Brock should be up in the same revered class as indiepop luminaries like Rose Melberg and Pam Berry!

RIYL: Holiday Flyer, Rose Melberg, Glo-worm, sweet female-led indiepop

1. You're Always In My Heart, 2. Things Will Get Better, 3. Christmas Without You, 4. What Do You Want From Me, 5. The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do

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