Autumn of Communion - Autumn of Communion 4

Carpe Sonum
(SEIZEXIV: 5050580623620/SEIZEXIV-3)
Release date: 04/27/2015
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

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It was Pete Namlook's keen ear which first brought us the magic of the Lee Anthony Norris/Mick Chillage collaboration known as Autumn of Communion via his FAX +49-69/450464 label. Sadly, Autumn of Communion would turn out to be the final FAX release as a result of Namlook's untimely passing in November 2012. Since then, Lee and Mick have released two additional installments of the beloved Autumn of Communion project, along with two remix albums, and now they team up once again for the penultimate installment here at Carpe Sonum. A departure from the space ambient of the previous release, Autumn of Communion 4 is a joyful beat-infused descent back to earth, somewhat reminiscent of the second release in the series. A bit of wanderlust is evident in these new tracks, so grab your headphones and revel in the sonic wizardry that meanders forth in unexpected directions, shifting the mood as well as the sonic terrain.

Ocean of Religion
Through the Motion
Leaving Island
Animated Religions
Zren Keen

1. Ocean of Religion, 2. Through the Motion, 3. Leaving Island, 4. Animated Religions, 5. Zren Keen

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