Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight

(DRL184-2: 708527018422/DRL184: 708527018422/DRL184-4)
Release date: 03/24/2008
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze

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Release date: 3/24/2008

1. Light Through the Canopy
2. Dub1, 3. Broken Heroes
4. Grange Arcade
5. Civil Twilight
6. Axis Nears
7. November's Long Shadows
8. Stanfield Echo
9. Coasts
10. Geneva
11. Arc of an Outsider
12. Untitled

Darla is proud to offer one of the most hauntingly beautiful, ethereal pop records ever created. Auburn Lull are a dream pop/space rock band from the East Lansing, Michigan area and are in fact the Michigan space rock scene's core. Begin Civil Twilight is Auburn Lull's third and best album and the first completely self-produced album by "The Lull". Imagine The Moody Blues produced by Eno, if Slowdive originally wrote and recorded Surrealistic Pillow, or perhaps Seefeel on a good sedative/hypnotic. Fellow dream popper Ulrich Schnauss mixed one track and did treatments on two others.
Auburn Lull is guitarists Sean Heenan, Jason Kolb, Eli Wekenman, and drummer Jason Wiesinger. The quartet came together out of a shared affection for bands like Seefeel, Flying Saucer Attack, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and the 4AD and Creation Records aesthetic.
In 1997, the band released the Dual Group EP, a split release with Mahogany, which John Peel played on his BBC radio program. Their debut full-length debut Alone I Admire was initially released on local independent record label Burnt Hair in 1999, sold out, and was then reissued by Darla Records in 2002. Their second record Cast From The Platform (Darla) was released in 2004. Regions Less Parallel: Early Works And Rarities 1996-2004, which compiles band's highly collectible singles, EPs and stray compilation tracks plus two previously unreleased tracks was released by Darla in 2005.

Pending 2xLP track list:
1. Light Through the Canopy  5:18
2. Dub1  3:28
3. Broken Heroes  4:31

4. Grange Arcade  5:43
5. Civil Twilight  5:11
6. Axis Nears  3:45

7. November's Long Shadows  4:26
8. Stanfield Echo  4:07
9. Coasts  4:38
10. Geneva  1:54

11. Arc of an Outsider  3:58
12. Untitled  9:55

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