Attic Lights - Say You Love Me

(ELE318: 8428846403182)

White vinyl limited to 500. Comes with a code for a free download.

ATTIC LIGHTS were one of the biggest hits of 2008. Their singles, their videos, their songs grew from their native Glasgow and spread all over the world, until major labels were fighting to release the group’s first album, “Friday Night Lights.” It was finally released at the end of 2008 on Island Records, the company that has released albums by artists like THE B-52’S, John Cale, Nick Drake, THE ISLEY BROTHERS, and Ringo Starr, among many others. ATTIC LIGHTS received critical and popular acclaim, and toured all over the world. This past 2012 they signed with Elefant Records to release what will be their second album, “Super De Luxe,” but for now we’ve got this incredible advance single with four fantastic songs that make the power of their crystal clear guitars, especially when combined with their marvelous vocal harmonies and the solid choruses.
“Say You Love Me” is a perfect example of this. Forceful, epic guitars, full of pop spirit and the embodiment of distortion, euphoric, lifted by the excellent vocal melodies and a tremendous chorus – one of those songs that you find yourself humming a few minutes after hearing it for the first time – it’s a perfect mix of THE BOO RADLEYS and THE BEACH BOYS. “Summer’s Coming Back” is the exception that proves the rule: crystalline guitars for a delicate melody that’s as exciting as it is elegant, with those choruses in 4-part harmony that have been compared so many times to TEENAGE FANCLUB. In fact, Francis MacDonald has produced the group’s new songs again.
“Breathe For Me” (which will also be on “Super De Luxe”, along with the title track) is pure intensity with huge arrangements, euphoria stamped with their personality, and yet another chorus that shines again and again throughout the song, something between the incombustible energy of BIG STAR and WEEZER and the brightness of THE CYRKLE and HARPERS BIZARRE. Last but not least, “Barcelona”, a story of memories that the city of Barcelona brings up, definitely raises the bar for what we expect of a pop song. And this is just the appetizer. The main dish is about to arrive. And we’re all so, so hungry.

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