Arch Menaces, The - Primitive Germs

(PZL096: 708527031018)
Release date: 01/22/2016
Genre: Indiepop

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The Arch Menaces of Adelaide, Australia recorded this album (their debut) back in 2012, but ran into trouble after trouble finding a suitable outlet for it, with artwork snafus and two label deals falling through. After a couple of frustrating years, the band just kinda lost steam and fizzled out. Fast forward to late 2015 and with a simple email to Jigsaw HQ, this excellent record has found a home! Lucky for the band, I've long held a soft spot in my heart for Aussie powerpop, which this found its way straight to. Any fan of the Sunnyboys, the Stems or DM3 (or their US counterparts, such as Paul Collins' Beat and the Plimsouls) will love this record, with its instantly catchy songs, big sound and general attitude and confidence befitting a veteran rock band - even though this is only their first record. Let's just hope that this album's belated release will revive the band and get them back into gear!

RIYL: Paul Collins' Beat, DM3, the Stems, Aussie powerpop

1. All I Wanna Know, 2. Fancy Free, 3. Hearing The Sounds, 4. Oh Man, It's Done, 5. Not In My World, 6. The Link, 7. Rock Star (Wanna be a), 8. Everyday, 9. The Masters, 10. Stars Of The Screen

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