Ans. Andur - Topeltvikerkaar

(SEKs009: 4739852936897)

On their second album for Seksound, the exuberant Estonian quartet Ans. Andur keep on keeping on with another fine set of both summery and darker indie psych-pop that tips its hat to shoegaze and grungy noise before going its own merry way. The sense of exuberance from its previous album, Tuled Peale, remains intact; if the songs sometimes feel a touch less detailed in the arrangements (though the horn section appearances are always fun), it's more than made up for with the sheer gusto the band brings to bear. When "Parklate Linn" kicks in with a wonderful, minimal but perfect riff, that's treat enough, but when the whole thing turns into a high-speed cascading mash-up of Swervedriver meets the Boo Radleys, everything clicks perfectly; meanwhile, the various Stereolab-inspired "ba ba ba" vocal breaks on songs like "Audiovaras" are total treats. As before, the splitting of vocal duties between Madis Aesma's slightly growlier tones and Mihkel Kirss' sweeter singing provides both variety and a fine balance, the more so because neither sing on one "type" of song -- "Plaane Pole" sounds like it could be more a Kirss song but in fact it's Aesma who assays the vocals over the easygoing groove. At its best, there's the brilliant "Hydro," a raucously sweet burst of noise-as-sunshine, while the Motorik-as-sparkling end credit music to the gentlest road movie never yet made that makes up "Pidu Vooraste" comes in a close second. - AMG
1. Idiootide kateeder
2. Parklate linn
3. Fuji
4. Plaane pole
5. Hyüdro
6. Tallinn
7. Pidu võõraste inseneridega
8. Õhk
9. Alt kummiga
10. Audiovaras
11. Ma töötan ajalooarhiivis

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