Ana D - Satelite 99

(ELE1128: 8428846211282)

Tracklist: CD1: 1. 1, 2, 3, 4 2. Los amantes 3. Más 4. Me quedo contigo 5. Selenio 2034 6. Carnaval 7. Galaxia 8. Satélite 99 9. Todo comenzó 10. Naufragio 11. Lo mismo que tú 12. Selenio 2035 13. Va el amor 14. Polonesa CD2: 1. Recordando 2. Velero lleno de estrellas 3. Galaxia [Live] 4. Lo mismo que tu [Live] 5. Me quedo contigo [Live] 6. Velero lleno de estrellas [Live] 7. Va el amor [Live] 8. Andrómeda 9. La noche inventada 10. Sua estupidez

In October it will be ten years since we released one of the most unique records that have ever been done in Spain and, we dare say, elsewhere. A kind of cosmic-melodic chanson that had never been done before and has not been done ever since. Ana D has become since then a legendary name to whisper to each other's ears, and we want to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her only official album as it deserves: with a full re-release that rises to its condition of lost classic album, joining an extra bonus album that enhances even more the new release.

Today, "Satélite 99" sounds as fascinatingly weird and beautiful as it did the first day. As if a more sophisticated Martin Rev collaborated with a tattooed, black-haired Nancy Sinatra, or with a mysteriously distant Astrud Gilberto, on this album Ana D and her companions, producers and arrangers (Ibon Errazkin and Javier Corcobado) used vintage instruments and forgotten beat boxes to create their own kind of "acoustic synth-pop", with references that ranged from Kurt Weill and Serge Gainsbourg to SUICIDE themselves.

Since ten years ago, "Satélite 99" is a secret pleasure that has not stopped bewitching new followers with a formula that is as simple as it is effective: a voice that's always on the verge of breaking, and minimal arrangements that don't try to do anything else than enhancing the timeless beauty of the songs. Since the very moment when it was released, the album received unanimous critical acclaim, overcoming the idiomatic problems and receiving raving reviews Stateside: people like Dean Wareham (GALAXIE 500, LUNA, Dean & Britta) chose the album among their favourites that year, and international stars like Pedro Almodóvar chose songs by Ana D to include them in personal compilations along with such artists as Chet Baker or Chavela Vargas.

The album was released in Argentina in 2001, but before, in 1999, American label Grimsey Records released it in the USA. This lead to a first American tour (there would be a second one) during which Ana and Ibon recorded a live session for renowned LA radio show "Morning Becomes Eclectic" (other artists recording sessions for the show on those dates were THE FLAMING LIPS, Billy Bragg or THE BETA BAND). Those songs, naked skeletons that had the only accompaniment of Ibon's elegant, folkie guitar playing, were released via Grimsey Records, but only in North America. Now at least they are available as the core of the extra record with which we enhance this very special re-release: apart from the five songs we have taken from that radio session, on this new candy for the fans we have featured the two songs recorded by Ana D for our Singles Club, and the three songs she recorded in 2003 with a new guitar player, Sergio Fernández (Kamamuri). An already known track of her own ("Andrómeda", previously released on Elefant compilation "Modapop") and two cover versions, one of fellow Elefant recording artists (and fellow one-album-wonders) FAMILY and a previously unreleased one of Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos. This is the perfect gift to go along with one of the best records that have ever been released in Spain,twelve tracks and two miniatures that opened with a heartbreaking tune: "Los Amantes". The main album is based on exquisite self-penned tracks as this one, plus a handful of cover versions that become her own from the moment she sings them: LOS CHUNGUITOS, Betty Missiego, original soundtrack of cult documentary "Mondo Cane" or Argentinian singer Leonardo Fabio are revisited and reinvented in a new and exciting way, with a very intuitive, primitive use of technology.

ANA D is able to give glamour and elegance to a gipsy melody (as in "Carnaval"), or use her voice as a new instrument, as in "Selenio 2034" or the future listening of "Selenio 2035". "Naufragio" is a new version of the first song she ever released, that came along with Spanish magazine "El Canto De La Tripulación". The innocence of "Va El Amor" bears a strong contrast with "Galaxia", a dreamy, spectral song, where we find one of the most beautiful lines on the album: "and between the distance of our kiss / a galaxy is born"."Satélite 99" is a record that after ten years keeps hypnotizing its listeners with its timeless magic. Don't be afraid of magic and dive deep in it, you won't regret it.

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