Amida - Boring Birth

(PZL052: 708527001806)
Release date: 4/24/2014
Genre: Indiepop

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Following their 2012 mini-album on Jigsaw and hot on the heels of a 7" on Dufflecoat Records, Manchester's Amida have given us a full-length (finally!), with 13 songs in under half an hour. The band has managed to follow-up on the promise that their previous releases have made, with a collection of songs that are as biting as they are melodic. Sounding like a mix between the Wolfhounds, the Monochrome Set and even a little Big Flame (and similarly noisy bands on the "other" side of C86), the speedy/jangly guitars seem to be fighting the propelling bass guitar for control, giving us some very compelling music in the process!

RIYL: the Wolfhounds, Monochrome Set, acerbic jangle-pop.

1. Lies About Violence, Lies About Love, 2. This Simple State, 3. Uncross Your Fingers, 4. Blue Scarf, 5. Are You On Fire, 6. Plastic Ballet, 7. Current Obsession, 8. For July, 9. Something Needed Is Missing, 10. Veil After Veil, 11. Solace In Stars, 12. IDST, 13. Her Long-Cherished Wish

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