14 Iced Bears, Aberdeen, The June Brides - Three Wishes: Part Time Punks Sessions

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(UBP001LP: 724101784910)

Three Wishes: Part Time Punks Sessions is the brand new album featuring exclusive studio quality live sessions recorded in LA by The June Brides, 14 Iced Bears and Aberdeen, recorded by Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Rob Campanella, Aberdeen's John Girgus.
In 2011 The June Brides, 14 Iced Bears, and Aberdeen spent a couple days recording live sets in Los Angeles for KXLU, in support of a show all three bands played at the popular LA indie club, Part Time Punks. As the radio station scheduling fell through, the performance was routed to the infamous Committee To Keep Music Evil HQ/Figment Studios where John Girgus of Aberdeen had been living. On short notice, studio owner/engineer Rob Campanella of Brian Jonestown Massacre and John recorded the rare and definitive full band live performances.
The recordings would remain un-mixed and unreleased for the next few years to come. In 2013, after contacting Phil Wilson of The June Brides and Robert Sekula of 14 Iced Bears about the state of the sessions, John took it upon himself to oversee mix, master and get them on track for production and release. The recordings were mixed and mastered with Ulysses Noriega (The Wedding Present, Channel 3) at The Laundry Room Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Artwork features Part Time Punks live photography from Dirty Snapshots' Dylan Gordon.
The album opens with the spiky pop perfection of The June Brides, an urgent racket of jangly, punky guitar rhythms, melodic horn, violin and dance-party rhythm section, all leading to the epic, Morricone-esque "Three Days". Aberdeen sets off in a signature dreamy direction with synths and drum machines, which soon give way to the driven, tapered "Sink or Float", far from the band's shambolic reputation. The album is closed with lively and familiar songs from 14 Iced Bears catalog, via a straightforward three-piece line-up, that builds up to a into a fiery, psychedelic band, with guitar solos and a proper jam of "Surfacer". It would not be unreasonable to refer to these performances as "definitive".
Phil Wilson, singer, guitarist and songwriter of The June Brides describes the LA show and this recording session as “The most rock’n’roll day of my life”. The sessions are also the last studio recordings released by Aberdeen. Even better, they are the first new recordings from 14 Iced Bears in 25 years! And some of the most energetic and electric performances ever recorded by the bands.

1. The June Brides - I Fall
2. The June Brides - In The Rain
3. The June Brides - Small Town
4. The June Brides - Three Days
5. Aberdeen - Sink or Float
6. Aberdeen - When It Doesn't Matter Anymore
7. Aberdeen - Byron
8. Aberdeen - Snapdragon
9. 14 Iced Bears - Balloon Song
10. 14 Iced Bears - Cut
11. 14 Iced Bears - Dust Remains
12. 14 Iced Bears - Surfacer
The 12-track vinyl LP, which is titled Three Wishes: Part Time Punks Sessions is now available and released from UsedBinPop Music
• Recorded live in 2011 at The Committee To Keep Music Evil, Hollywood, after performances at Part Time Punks, at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA by Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Steve Jones), John Girgus (Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars), mixed Ulyesses Noriega (The Wedding Present, Channel 3).
• 12 unreleased performances, 4 from each band featuring classic tracks originally released for Cherry Red, Pink, Frank, Slumberland, Sarah Records and more.
• Hi-fi, multi-track studio quality recordings, mastered for vinyl.
• 150 gram heavy vinyl, with metallic printed jacket, in collector grade poly-bag.

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