Eoins - What the Future Holds

(SEKs063: 191773455453)

1. What The Future Holds (Single Edit)
2. What The Future Holds (Build Gates Remix)

Seksound releases Eoins’ single “What The Future Holds”.  

The former lack of Eoins, a post-punk band from Viljandi, who released their debut album “Echo Group” nine years ago, has now become Eoins to surprise us with their new single “What The Future Holds” released on their home label Seksound.

In addition to Eoins own track, the single features a remix by an Estonian electronic musician Build Gates.

In 2008, Siim Nestor wrote about lack of Eoins debut album: “[---] lack of Eoins defies the logical way of listening, their tracks are not static but keep transforming, stretching in all directions, doing all that without deceptive ambition,” and defined their genre as art-rock and art-indie.

The new track under the new name might be seen as marking a move towards a more electronic style but the band's leader Madis Järvekülg says there are more guitar-centered tunes, but still as restless and eccentric, to be expected in near future. Eoins will release their rather eclectic full-length album in autumn.

The last lack of Eoins official release so far was in 2012, when Seksound released their digital single featuring three remixes of “Sudden Death Mode”. The single was accompanied by a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfN8FQhA7P0

As a power-trio (Karl Kuslap, bass; Kristjan Peterson, drums; Madis Järvekülg, guitars), the band managed to compose raw tracks for a full length album at the time. Even though the band no longer played together in this line-up, the author of the tracks, Madis Järvekülg completed and polished them into a whole together with Martin Kikas of Ö Stuudio (hence the new name). He even recorded some new tracks. Which is what we're about to hear pretty soon.

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