Seabuckthorn - Turns

Lost Tribe Sound
(LTS026-2: 708527170137/LTS026-1: 708527170113)
Release date: 04/21/2017
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

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1. Long Voyages Often Lose Themselves, 2. Of Disappearance, 3. Occurring Water, 4. The Trail Already In My Mind, 5. Dizzying Mountains, 6. Lanterns, 7. Plateau Edge, 8. Near Translucent, 9. Concerning Otherness, 10. Turns

After 2016’s well-received EP, 'I Could See The Smoke', experimental guitarist Andy Cartwright (aka Seabuckthorn) returns with his new full-length album 'Turns', releasing April 21st on vinyl, CD and digital with Lost Tribe Sound. Cartwright immediately caught our attention with his commanding full-length album 'They Haunted Most Thickly' in 2015. With 'Turns', Cartwright further solidifies his anomalous position within the genres solo guitar music, American primitive, and modern classical.
The vinyl and CD edition arrive in the ever stunning physically and sonically minded fashion that LTS has become known for. 'Turns' takes form with a lush 180 gram audiophile grade vinyl housed in a heavyweight reverse printed jacket (limited to 500). The lacquer process vinyl edition was masterfully cut by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in NY. Each edition comes with a download coupon. Plus, 'Turns' introduces a new handcrafted panoramic CD design (limited to 150 editions).
'Turns' is an album wrought with vertical forms, heavily cinematic in design and scope. It’s an album built from the earth. With eyes closed, one can easily imagine heavy rusted spires rising and collapsing upon themselves, only to be rebuilt from the rubble in the same instant, ever clawing towards the sky, with the rumblings of massive tectonic plates shifting below. That said, 'Turns' is far more of a cerebral experience than its predecessors. transitioning seamlessly between hypnotic long-form pieces, minimal harp-like ballads and the primal stomping world-builders that have become Seabuckthorn’s calling card.
Cartwright wields his minimal, yet powerful arsenal in new and intriguing ways throughout 'Turns', comprised of various twelve string guitars, a well worn resonator guitar and heavy waves of lumbering percussion. Plus, for the first time ever, Cartwright invites an outside player, composer and fellow friend of rustic orchestration, William Ryan Fritch to play double bass on three of the songs. In addition, LTS is honored to have worked with visual artist Gregory Euclide (Bon Iver, Lubomyr Melnyk) on the incredible original cover artwork for 'Turns', and sound engineer James Plotkin who handled the mastering.

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