Rocketship / Pia Fraus - Outer Otherness / Cloudy Eyes

(SEKs060-1: 4739852942355)

Limited to 500.

Tracking List:

R side:
1. Rocketship “Outer Otherness” (03:36)

P side:
1. Pia Fraus “Cloudy Eyes” (03:09)

Pia Fraus presents their new single as a split 7” together with a new track from Rocketship.

Seksound releases Estonian showgazers Pia Fraus and the legendary twee- and indiepop group Rocketship split single in March 2017.

The collaborative single of the musical soulmates includes a new track from both bands, recorded specially for this release. Pia Fraus contributes with a dreampop track “Cloudy Eyes”, that in addition to their usual dreamy boy/girl vocals and hazy guitars flirts with drum machine beats and even dub-like baselines. Rocketship presents their “Outer Otherness” through a slightly lo-fi synth-pop prism, leaving out the guitars but still holding on to a pop sound in vocals and synths.

Pia Fraus: Eve Komp, Kärt Ojavee, Rein Fuks, Reijo Tagapere, Margus Voolpriit Rocketship: Ellen Osborn & Dusty Reske
Mastered by Lauri Liivak, Pärnu Photo by Eve Komp
Design by Kaarel Vahtramäe

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