Richard Crandell & Masumi Timson - Confluence

(pana022: 4560267293318)
Release date: 6/14/2019
Genre: World, Ambient

1. The New One 2. Ancient bird 3. Vital signs 4. Laughing Masumi 5. East of Nowhere 6. Oregon Spring, Tokyo Sings 7. Chaka's Nature 8. Love from Zimbabwe

2nd collaboration piece following their “Pacific Bridge” album released in 2014. Richard Crandell playing the African instrument Mbria, Masumi Timson playing the Japanese traditional instrument Koto, featuring 2 skilled African musicians playing the mbira and guitar recorded in Oregon, US. The musicians and the instruments are all from different continents and backgrounds but they somehow all go well together leaving just a pleasant feeling.

Linernotes written by Richard Crandell:

"Early last year it occurred to me that Masumi, Chaka and I could make an improvisational album, and so one late winter afternoon we met at “LISTEN UP!” studio and got started: Masumi, the consummate creative artist of the Japanese Koto, Chaka, the Zimbabwean Mbira master, and Richard, the New York/Oregon Mbira maverick. Music without boundaries...

A confluence of cultures.

We were joined later in the afternoon by the great African guitarist, Gilbert Zvamaida. We hope you enjoy our heartfelt effort. - Love & Peace from Oregon"


Richard, a multi-instrumentalist, has recorded 11 albums with guitar and mbira. His first mbira album, Mbira Magic, produced by John Zorn, was a Washington Post Top Ten of the Year in 2004.

Masumi holds a Master’s Degree in Koto music and is a regular guest musician of the world-renowned band Pink Martini. She has participated in the recording of several of their albums, and has performed with the band around the world.

Chaka has been playing the Mbira since he was four. He has been performing throughout the world with Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited for over 20 years.

Gilbert, a legendary guitarist, has been performing with Thomas Mapfumo since 2003 at festivals throughout the world.

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