Monks of Doom - The Brontë Pin

(PAT025: 641444185429/PAT025-3)
Release date: 02/09/2018
Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic

The first album of new material in 25 years.
“I’m rarely without words, but this new album has me gobsmacked. I’ve listened to nothing else since I’ve received it. Wow, wow, and wow. Thank you all so much, Chris Pedersen, Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, Immy, Bruce Kaphan, and anyone else involved. Did I mention wow, wow, and more wow? The care and precision is evident in every detail, and is not lost on us. Please continue in this vein. So grateful.”
 – Jeff Winner (music producer, historian & Raymond Scott Archivist.)
David Immerglück, Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher and Chris Pederesen, collectively known as Monks of Doom, release their first new album of all new material since 1993’s Forgery this fall on Pitch-A-Tent Records.

Recorded over a several years beginning in 2009 The Brönte Pin continues the Monks’ spontaneous forays into the worlds of improvised music, adventurous instrumental work, dystopian paranoia and mind melting psychedelia. Recorded and mixed by Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club, David Byrne, Chris Isaak, The Black Crowes), the album simply picked up where the Monks left off in 2005 with their album of covers, What’s Left For Kicks?

By measures more aggressive and more laid back than previous recordings, The Brönte Pin continues in the grand tradition of this exceptional yet reclusive group of musicians, melding myriad influences into a virtuosity hard to define in the world of current music: The Monks fail to fit into any particular indie rock marketing term. They remain untamed, oblique and defiant. They simply are Monks of Doom.

1. The Brontë Pin pt.1
2. The Bastards Never Show Themselves
3. Duat! Duat!
4. Up From The Cane
5. Boar’s Head
6. The Brontë Pin pt.2
7. 23rd Century Hard Bop
8. John The Gun
9. The Honorable Death Of The 100 Million
10. The Sinking Of The Essex
11. The Last Leviathan (interpolating Rabbit’s Foot)
12. Osiris Rising

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