Narco States - Temples Into Tombs

Piñata Records
(PIN020: 659696451919)
Release date: 09/01/2017
Genre: Garage Rock

Narco States are heavily influenced by The Stooges, Black Sabbath, early Floyd, and Iron Butterfly. Drenched in sweat and reverb since 2011, Temples Into Tombs is their second album, following 2014's Wicked Sun. The new collection was home-recorded to sound natural and loud. The band has been honing their pop blade (see the incredible "Jealousy"), but maintain their penchant to drift into deep space for exploratory vamps ("Ahemait", "Fang Decay"). Their unique weapon continues to be Aaron Robertson's classic analog electric organ, standing prominently in the mix, fusing and complementing Nate McGuire's snaky guitar and Nick Sampson's Geezeresque bass, underscored by Robb Lauer's alternately swinging and thundering drums. Singer (and clinical lab tech) Michael MacBlane-Meyer channels Jagger and Iggy into a perfect proto-punk snarl dripping with acid. 

1. Met Tet 
2. Fascist Fashionistas
3. Generation F
4. Sympathy For the Dealer
5. Temples Into Tombs
6. Ahemait 
7. Jealousy 
8. Robin Hood 
9. Fang Decay

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