Cult of Percolation, The - Elegant Interactions Laboratory

Piñata Records
(PIN021: 659696448919/PIN021-3: )
Release date: 07/14/2017
Genre: Garage, R&B

Piñata Records is thrilled to present The Cult of Percolation's latest transmission to Earth, Elegant Interactions Laboratory: ass-shaking feminist propaganda, incubated seven million light years. When David BowieTina Turner, and Black Sabbath came blaring on sub-space frequencies, Mary Allen and her Cult of Percolation took their message to heart. They donned their most convincing skin-suits, hopped a light-speed saucer, and arrived on our planet to make life on Earth more bearable.
Their first Terran appearance was at least seven years ago in a Minneapolis living room. They were quickly embraced by their Earth hosts and became known for wild, sweaty, nocturnal funk, soul, and most of all, rock n' roll. Mary Allen is an unslowing force, writhing in rapture, while her Cult percolates in celestial orbit. Body-positive, while acknowledging that physical manifestations are doomed to painful consumption by millions of particles of star dust.

When asked what her music is about, Mary says, "When you listen to this I love you. All these songs are about surviving. Maybe that's what makes them feminist, they're about being told you aren't worth anything, and then surviving. Or flourishing even. Or just killing everything that's ever hurt you. And rising from the blood-soaked earth. You're listening to an epic battle between me and all my demons, in whatever intergalactic forms they come in." 
Elegant Interactions Laboratory is their second full-length album, and will be released on vinyl and digitally.

1. Heavy
2. A New Way
3. Body
4. Rivers of Blood
5. Jessica
6. Seven Million Hands
7. Saha Moheen
8. Hot Plastic
9. Lovin a Van
10. Moon Girls
11. Love Drug
12. Indigo Children

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