Special Moves - Little Help

(PZL175: 708527200407/PZL175-3)

Release date: 8/28/2020.

After a string of cassingles released over the course of 2018 (which were subsequently compiled the following year on Jigsaw's "Everything Is Free" cd), this is the proper debut full length from Special Moves, an Olympia-based project led by Josh Hoey with ample accompaniment from a large number of friends. Like the earlier stuff, these recordings are a bit rough around the edges, but both the sound quality and overall flow of this album is a marked improvement over the compilation, giving this a much more consistent feel. Musically, this is still perfectly in line with Tall Dwarfs and early Portastatic, but with a slightly mellower, poppier aesthetic. Heck, even his cover of the Boyracer classic "I've Got It + It's Not Worth Having" is a friendlier, more melodic take on the original! And at under 20 minutes, this is a great album to quickly listen to when you're getting ready to run out the door...

RIYL: early Portastatic, Tall Dwarfs, super lo-fi indiepop

1. Our Summer
2. Thank U Pile Of CDRs
3. Look At The Ground
4. I Think About U + It Makes Me Smile
5. Based On A True Story
6. I've Got It + It's Not Worth Having
7. Something I Forgot To Du
8. U Never Went Away
9. Ur Not Wrong
10. Ender

All songs written by Josh Hoey, except track 6 by Stewart Anderson.

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