Soft Science - Detour

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(TPR008: 708527000755)

2020 repress now available. Limited to 100 Black vinyl.

Originally released February 11, 2014, Detour is Soft Science’s 2nd album, which has been sold out since 2018.  It was this album where the band began to hone in their unique form of dream pop music, inspired by 90s shoegaze and 60s brit pop; creating pop music with a sonic edge. Although the band never steers too far from its core pop sensibilities, Detour evokes a somewhat darker mood musically than Soft Science’s first album, High and Lows. Lyrically, the album explores the fragility of everyday life. Soft Science band members have a shared love of classic bands such as, Ride, Jesus and Mary Chain, and newer artists such as Beach House and Frankie Rose, elements of which are present in their music. The title track ‘Nothing’ is featured as the opening song in Necrobarista a video game/3D visual novel.

“Alan McGee and Ivo Watts-Russell would’ve signed this band in a heartbeat, hearing the celestial guitars and booming rhythm section let alone Haley’s seductive, salubrious singing. Nothing soft about this science” – Big Takeover Magazine

1. Nothing
2. Light
3. Feel
4. Matter
5. Gone
6. Blue
7. Please
8. Falling
9. Cold
10. Daydream

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