Shiny Times - Can't Be Depressed

(PZL156-2: 708527190142/PZL156-3)
Release date: 3/15/2019
Genre: Indiepop

So, you all know Seapony, right? Well, there's a band from South Carolina called Tape Waves, who not only sound very similar, they even had Danny from the band help out on their debut album. Then Danny from Seapony started Space Daze, his own solo project with a similar style to his former band (and even released a couple cds on Jigsaw!); not to be outdone, Kim from Tape Waves has started her own solo project and here's its debut! And, not only does it sound close to her primary band, but she even has Danny help out a little! Confused? Aww, don't be. Just know that this brief and beautiful album is pure laidback indiepop in the vein of La Sera, Summer Twins and just about any Rose Melberg project. And really, that's the only thing that matters, yeah?

RIYL: Seapony, La Sera, Summer Twins, Rose Malberg, soft female-led indiepop

1. Easy
2. I'm OK
3. Yellow Light
4. Here Comes The Sun
5. She's So Heavy
6. Go Blue
7. But I Tried
8. Take The Stairs

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