Neilson Family - Double Life

(PZL163-2: 708527190487/PZL163-3)

Release date: October 11, 2019
Genre: Indiepop

Funny enough, this Portland band happened to reach out to me BEFORE I announced I was moving to town, but now that we're both in the same place, their being on Jigsaw makes so much sense. I mean, this batch of a dozen laidback janglepop tunes on the band's debut album is right up my alley, falling in the same class as the Essex Green, Spent and Great Lakes. The dual guitars are crisp & jangly and the rhythm section is nimble & bright, but the vocal harmonies are their true secret weapon, thanks to the shared vocals of James & Annie. So many hits are scattered throughout this record to name, but rest assured you'll be keeping this disc on rotation for quite some time!

RIYL: Great Lakes, Essex Green, Spent, Ultimate Painting, dark & jangly indiepop

1. Civil Service Anthem
2. Water Ave
3. Woodstock Hardcore
4. Same Sign Pt. 2
5. TV
6. Low Life
7. You Make Me Feel
8. Dad Rock
9. My Apartment
10. Spine
11. Mandatory Reporter
12. In The City After You're Dead

All songs written by Jamie Neilson.

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