Martin Schulte - Ocean

(LANT022: 4560267296227)
Release date: 6/11/2019
Genre: Techno, Dub

Russia’s deep techno producer, Martin Schulte’s new album “Ocean” is an imaginary soundtrack of underwater. He has decided to use this theme because the ocean let’s him immerse into the world of musical imagination. All the tracks are written under the underwater concept and the album is like an one big book about ocean. This album is also very important to him because it’s his 10th year from his debut album “Depth of Soul”. Please enjoy the sound design of the underwater world. Journey to the deep place, and from the depths to the surface. Album mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, album photography taken by professional underwater photographer Ryo Minemizu.


Marat Shibaev (aka Martin Schulte) is an international techno artist from Kazan, Russia. He was only 12 years when he became obssesed with electronic music and since the age of 14, he has been creating music and Dj-ing. Since his debut album “Depth of Soul”, he has been constantly releasing albums “Odysseia”, “Treasure”, “Slow Beauty”, “Seeing Tokyo”, “Forest”, “Seasons” (all from LANTERN / NATURE BLISS INC.), and also participated in over 40 albums from worldwide labels. In 2015, he has established his own label Slow Beauty. He has been playing shows in Europe and Asia.

1. Echo Sounder
2. Lights on Depth
3. Drifting
4. Bathyscaphe
5. Ice Dive
6. Medusa
7. Underwater Hills
8. Migration of Fish
9. Corals
10. Aqualunger

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