La Bien Querida - Un Gatito

(ER359: 8428846403595)

Release date: 5/28/2021

Limited edition.

TRACKLIST: 01 Un Gatito (Feat. Alizzz)  02 Soy Rebelde

This past July, just a few months after closing the “Brujería” cycle, LA BIEN QUERIDA released a new song that hinted at possible directions her new album would take. And what a song. “Un Gatito” was a powerful example of her talent with radically inspiring melodies and lyrics (that description of obsessive love interests was just incredible: “Un oasis en el desierto / Un calendario de adviento / Un niño perdido en un aeropuerto / Un día de fiesta y un bar abierto / El caminito que me lleva al huerto / Con la verdad al descubierto” (An oasis in the desert / An advent calendar / A child lost in the airport / A holiday and an open bar / The path that leads me to the garden / Where the truth is revealed). But the production took a new turn on what was already a very curvy trail: it includes the collaboration of none other than ALIZZZ (who has worked with Rosalía, C. TANGANA, Amaia, Andrés Calamaro and Jorge Drexler to name just a few).

So, to go along with the collection of LA BIEN QUERIDA vinyl reissues, we wanted to give this marvelous song a physical format. And now we have this precious limited-edition magenta-colored 7” Single with “Un Gatito” on the A side, and her cover of “Soy Rebelde”, which was recently used in the advertising campaign for “La Prohibida” cider, on the B side. It is a spectacular final touch to a collection of re-releases for a very distinguished crowd.

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