Ghost Thoughts - No Chill

(PZL146: 708527180792/PZL146-3)
Release date: 09/28/2018
Genre: Indiepop

After releasing a successful debut EP a year and a half ago on Jigsaw, Davina Shell (from Amsterdam via Vancouver, BC) is back with a full-length from her mostly solo project, Ghost Thoughts. And once again, she's given us another collection of highly personal songs about relationships and their pitfalls. Musically, she's continuing to grow from her formative days in Thee Ahs, branching out into further territories mined by contemporary artists such as Waxahatchee, Eskimeaux and Japanese Breakfast - folk-based pop with a bigger sound, augmented by Vancouver producer-extraordinaire, Jay Arner (who also provided the drums). Overall, this is a stunning batch of deceptively bittersweet pop songs!

RIYL: Thee Ahs, Waxahatchee, Eskimeaux, Japanese Breakfast, grand female folky pop

1. Gregory And The Gaslight
2. Hannah Talking
3. I Still Think About You When I Come
4. Sandcastles Out Of Glass
5. Remember Marley
6. Anne Reads The Letter
7. #MeToo
8. Can I Love You If I Hate Myself
9. It's So Easy, Makes Me Queasy
10. Dan Singing
11. I Drew A Smiley
12. Girls In The Wallpaper
13. Thinking About Ending

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