Flying Fish Cove - En Garde EP

(PZL161-2: 708527190371/PZL161-3)
Release date: 6/21/2019
Genre: Indiepop

Hot on the heels of their stellar debut album, "At Moonset" (also on Jigsaw), Flying Fish Cove are back with another batch of songs that are as enchanting and magical as they are catchy and fun. The lead track, "No Ending", is easily the band's most rocking tune to date, sounding halfway between Heavenly and a Harriet Records release by the likes of Pest 5000 or Twig. The title track follows, and is a serious hit, replete with an incredibly memorable chorus. The latter half of the EP is made up of a pair of gentler omnichord-driven songs that show off the band's lighter and afore-mentioned enchanting side. Brief but essential, this is a surefire hit for the summer, just in time for the band's cross-country tour!

RIYL: Heavenly, Alvvays, Veronica Falls, catchy female-fronted indiepop

1. No Ending
2. En Garde
3. Andrew And Allie
4. Embarking

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