EndCastle - A Clever Few

Release date: 11/09/2018
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic

A Clever Few is a two-song single from San Diego rock band, EndCastle. The lead track “Blake” is a well-paced, psychedelic groove served with subtle lines inspired by (and sometimes borrowed from) the poetry of William Blake and his keen perception of contradiction. By complementary contrast, the second tune “Crushed” uses a hint of the bands’ progressive rock leanings to convey a journey from the established inevitable to the refusal of accepting anything as such. These songs give the listener a needed dose of the original and aesthetically pleasing rock music that they’ve been missing - with no shortage of unforgettable bass lines stacked on the appropriate beats, dynamic guitar work and melodies that find their perfect pulse.

1. Blake
2. Crushed

Produced by EndCastle and James Page at Emerald Age Studio
Engineered and Mastered by James Page at Emerald Age Studio
Songs written by Dennis Sheridan

EndCastle is:
Dennis Sheridan - Guitar/Vocals
Eric James - Guitar
Charlie Esquivel - Bass
Brendan Ruff - Drums

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