Cult With No Name - Mediaburn

CWNN Music
(CWNN009CD: 746935193966/CWNN009DIG)
Release date: 10/11/2019
Genre: Post Punk

CD (with download code) and download. 

The 9th album of CULT WITH NO NAME.
London’s post-punk electronic balladeers are back. But then they never quite went away.

Still enjoying the considerable success of their score for the award-winning BLUE VELVET REVISITED with TUXEDOMOON and JOHN FOXX, May ‘19 saw Criterion release the definitive Blu-Ray of DAVID LYNCH’s BLUE VELVET, with BVR included as the main extra at Lynch’s own request. It rocketed up the US Blu-Ray chart. New CWNN recordings for projects for KELLI ALI (ex-SNEAKER PIMPS) and THE RESIDENTS soon followed, with RUSTY EGAN releasing his own remix of CWNN’s classic ‘Swept Away’, and inviting frontman Erik Stein to perform his new single, a collaboration with CHRIS PAYNE (ex-GARY NUMAN / VISAGE).

All fired up, the all-new 13 track album MEDIABURN sees CWNN at the peak of their musical and lyrical powers, as they contemplate a disintegrating society. Once again they unleash a brutal acid wit on the electro-funk of ‘Blind Dogs for the Guides’ and jazz-tinged ‘She Sells Incels’, but still conjure up soaring mournful moments such as ‘By Air of By Sea’ and ‘In Hollywood You Won’t Find Bel-Air’, alongside the pure synthpop of ‘So Much Left to Undo’ and ‘Button on My Desk’. It’s an album that’s dark, that’s light, that’s electronic, that’s acoustic…and that’s anyywhere in between.

MEDIABURN includes the usual CWNN special guest appearances. KELLI ALI weaves her vocal magic throughout, and STEVEN BROWN and BLAINE L. REININGER of TUXEDOMOON add evocative saxophone and violin textures.

Disco inferno it may not be, but CWNN still invite you to burn baby, burn.

Packaged in a deluxe fold-out box, with poster, download code and build your own jewel case kit (designed by Leigh @ Bit-Phalanx).

‘…evocative, dreamy, dark and dynamic…’ – The Wire

1. Blind Dogs for the Guides
2. Needle and Thread
3. In Hollywood You Won’t find Bel-Air
4. Fake Nudes
5. She Sells Incels
6. So Much Left to Undo
7. By Air or By Sea
8. Low on High
9. (No Such Thing As) Silence
10. Mona
11. All This Spite (Comes at a Price)
12. Money’s Gone
13. Button on my Desk

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